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New rumors of NX: region free, support Unreal and Unity, measures


Continue with NX and those rumors. Seems that is has caught some thrust with NX and some media is released to publish their information from of their sources of confidence. Makes some days are published that NX could have a D-Pad divided (as the of PS4), button Share and 32 GB of memory internal. Aspects linked to the prototype that could modify are in the version final.

To this day as sunny and marvellous have new rumors. Apparently, the new Nintendo console would be region free, i.e. we could use games from any region without problem. Support Unreal Engine 4 and Unity. Two motors that are home to the vast majority of current developments, but this does not mean that everything would be on the NX.

Point and apart for those measures. The thickness could be of 25 mm, something more thick that a 3DS XL folded, although another source says that the thickness would be of 17 mm. The width would be of 281 mm and the high of 92 mm with the controls included. These controls would have the same thickness and the same long. The width of these controls would be 38 mm The console without the controls would have a width of 208 mm.

The author of this rumor has attached the following sketch:

Croquis NX

Another source estimated that the stick right would be in a position different with the stick placed in the part lower and the keypad located in the part superior.

I insist on the nature of this information.

Via | Neo-GAF

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