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Capcom presents to Ibuki, the new Street Fighter V fighter

The next character to be attached to the staff of Street Fighter V is Ibuki, and with this trailer above Announces Capcom arrival.

With it you reach the midpoint of the first group of additional characters who are joining the list of fighters in the game. After Alex, Guilde and Ibuki, missing Balrog, Juri and Urien to close the first set of extensions provided by Capcom.

Ibuki is enough veteran series: his first appearance was in Street Fighter III, and returned for the fourth installment, although not from the outset; was it added in Super Street Fighter IV, the first review of the game. Today things are different: Street Fighter V is a service, or a platform, or as you want to call it, and the addition of Ibuki is carried out in the context of a new economy: you can get through a season pass, buying it in the store of the game with real money transmutado in Zenny, or using virtual credits.

In fact, you can not be so. In March, an update was added to the roster to Alex and activate the game shop, to buy it, but at the end only took place first. The same happened in April, when he joined Guile; at the moment, and have operating micropayments, Capcom is offering free of charge the new characters.

Perhaps when it reaches Ibuki is already list the store of Zenny, and also the story mode, another of the absentees from the Capcom fighting game. Expected that this mode should be added as part of a free update which is expected for summer.

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