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Choice Provisions Announces Runner3

Commander Video will return in 2017 Bit.Trip Runner into a trilogy. Come on, you Choice Productions – formerly known as Gaijin Games – Studio has announced Runner3.

The video of presentation for this new delivery not shows absolutely nothing, is another of those small disasters so usual in this new was of the marketing and the communication. However, their responsible promise updates weekly in the blog official, where will speak without taboos about the development of the game.

The last time we wrote about Choice Provisions was to comment about the closing of his studio in San Francisco, so we are glad to see that they speak of Runner3 as «the largest and most ambitious game which we have done, by far». Still not have said for what platforms is published, but yes is have given hurry in confirm that Charles Martinet, the legendary voice of Mario, repeated as Narrator.

Them Bit.Trip Runner, for those that do not have touched never one, are a mixed very sympathetic of platforms and rhythm. They are more demanding and have more spark who worry the majority of congeners in which the main character runs non-stop and the player just jump, Dodge and attack, if I ask to me; chiconuclear said more and better in their analysis of Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien, which in fact is half price on Steam, PS4, Vita, Wii U to celebrate the announcement of the sequel.

Choice Provisions anuncia Runner3

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