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The first Forza Horizon will be on sale on October 20

El primer Forza Horizon dejará de estar a la venta el próximo 20 de octubre

The first Forza Horizon, which was launched on Xbox 360 in 2012, will be on sale on October 20. This End of Life, as they call those responsible on his official website, involves the game or «its associated DLC» you can buy, although “players who have Forza Horizon before that date will continue to and can download it and play it and its associated as content».

The news comes in the midst of «the euphoria of launching a new Forza», explained, and the withdrawal has to do with the many licenses involved in a game of this type; First Horizon is published on 23 October 2012, and, as we explained a representative of Microsoft, all contracts «have expiration date»:

Between them cars, them destinations, the vinyl, the music and them teams, as well as other content licensed, can have more than 500 partners in any game of Forza. These partners van from small business family until Titans corporate international and even Governments foreigners. We work with diligence and enthusiasm with each partner to ensure that players can rely on Forza to find automotive experience more consistent, complete and of the highest quality that are available. Of course, all the contracts of license reasonable have date of expiration. By that, implement a plan of end of life for every game of Forza is a part natural’s offer experiences plates of first class to our fans.

It is not the first case of a game withdrawn due to the end of these contracts: remember that OutRun Online disappeared from digital stores PlayStation and Xbox when the treatment of SEGA and Ferrari came to an end (and it was not renewed, I imagine). This case is more complex, of course: I do not know if five hundred times more complex, but enough.

Under this light, the decision of include Forza Horizon between the games with Gold of September can have another sense; If during the first fortnight of the month you downloaded it, remember that you are safe and you can download it in the future, if you wish. If you have it on disc, clear, game is safe, sheltered from the turbulence in his small coffin of green plastic.

Today same is publishes Forza Horizon 3, the last delivery of the series for Xbox One. In our analysis we explain why the new Playground Games is one «those that encourage thinking that there is something essential and pure in these games that represent impossible racing», and Horizon is based on job well done as much force as the Motorsport series that part, or more.

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