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Death completo Gambit teaches leaders in this trailer

A couple of notes on Death completo Gambit: is an action-RPG set in a «planet medieval alien plagued beasts, Knights and horrors», according to its description in Steam. There will be available sometime in 2017, and also in the PlayStation 4. The trailer above focuses on the heads.

In this day and age is difficult to not get the comparisons with Dark Souls, although it seems that the White Rabbit (a new California study) game has more things back. In this trailer, for starters, striking the size of some heads, and the possibility of, for example in the first climb on them and attack from an advantageous position. On other occasions has made me think about Salt & Sanctuary (I think to see even a counter of souls, or its equivalent), although perhaps we should speak of the classic Castlevania, actually; There goes everything, as always.

A strong point is in art, clear. It is quite hypnotic to watch the luxury with which are animated some sprites; half of the development team (in total, four people) are artists, so it means that that particular part has weight. An example:

What happens when you die in DEATHS GAMBIT! @DeathGambit #gamedev #pixelart #indiedev #gaming #gamemaker

-Jean Cañellas (@JeanCanellas) 2 June 2015

A good level design (in your website speak of scenarios such as partial responsible for the story; there another point in common with the Souls) and a combat system interesting accompanying audiovisual stimuli would be welcomed, clear.

For that touch wait, because you do not have a release date.

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