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Devil completo Third Online online service will close in Japan at the end of year

Devil’s Third Online

If you have played Devil completo Third Online, then you know that the project has a lot of features online Nintendo servers used to operate. A game that has become popular around the world, with a large base of users, however, has not allowed that the service extends for a long time more.

Nintendo has been very clear about the online services that support: they shut down the servers at the end of this year. Specifically, it will be on December 29 when we have to say goodbye to one of the most original of Wii U, in Japan, and that so many hours of entertainment has provided players.

As confirmed by the well-known Japanese company, the objects used for the micro-transactions, always limited to Japan, will not be available for purchase starting June 27. The game itself, in addition, will receive on June 24 50% off its original price. Please note that this kind of news has not been confirmed for the regions of North America or Europe, for what users of these places will have to keep waiting.

Remember that this movement will take place only in the region and the version of Wii U. We have no confirmations or other regions, the PC version. We will be attentive to any novelty.

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