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Dontnod Eleven, Dontnod indie Studio

Life is Strange

Dontnod has become a very popular video game development Studio, especially when put on sale the acclaimed Life is Strange. The level of his creations has increased to become a notable company, with employees bastanès struggling day to day in order to get the best of the best. We cannot deny that is, especially after the successes.

However, it seems that the level of professional work not liked very much to the directive, which has decided to launch a new studio dedicated to the indie creations. Thus announced the creation of the brand Dontnod Eleven, a development that, indie Studio though it is small, will focus on video games of low caliber and that do not require much time of creation. There is no doubt that there will be many more creations.

Mention one detail: Dontnod Eleven was previously known as HESAW. I.e. the study already existed, the only thing that has been done has been rename and make changes in the number of employees. Dontnod Eleven is a company based in Paris that has already been described as “a small developer with talent and passion equipment“. These will work with Dontnod to “sharing knowledge, experience and resources during the next years“.

The first video game HESAW called Blue Estate, making his debut in stores a few months later. However, the Studio is already working on a new title, Battlecrew Space Pirates, which will go on sale soon. In any case, we hope that little by little new creations they are made.

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