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Downloads from Nintendo Switch only may be on a console at the same time

Nintendo Switch

One of the things that are being made on Playstation 4 and Xbox One, in order to have access to more video games, is download the same title, with one account, multiple consoles. I.e. is a purchase that is made to get a single title to several people. This is especially beneficial for users, but not for companies.

In this aspect, Nintendo has put the batteries. Not in vain, it has been discovered that Nintendo Switch, a same single download will be available, at the same time, in a console. We can not run a unique content on multiple machines at the same time. Firstly, there must be clear that the purchases are associated with user accounts. However, products purchased only will be available on a console at the same time.

A user has asked Nintendo about Nintendo Switch online shopping : “If I want to take my PSP with me… And I bought a game digital do I buy it once, or several times so that my children can use it?‘. ” In fact, the user was interested in buying a single title for several members of the family. The response from Nintendo has been quite clear:

Currently we don’t have any family system in the console, but in this regard we have not made no final decision. I cannot provide any concrete answers.

In other words, Nintendo does not Switch any option which allows to share a game between members of a same family, so products purchased only can download and play in a single console, at the same time. In any case, expected that the company put in place soon a solution.

Remember that Nintendo Switch will be released in stores on March 3.

Via | Ars Technica

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