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Eggggg: the Emetic platforms

Within a couple of weeks in its home market opens the Norwegian film Gilberts grusomme hevn (something like “cruel revenge of Gilbert”), a story directed by Hanne Larsen and based on the children’s book Eggg of Stein Erik Lunde which talks about the adventures of a kid with allergy to egg in love with his new neighbor Line and tormented by her aunt , a woman obsessed with the disease that continues to martyr him by activating your allergies and doing vomiting as a fucking concrete mixer. It is a scatological comedy with relative good looking, but what interests us here is that there is also a video game developing and vomit is of capital importance.

The game in question is entitled Eggggg and is the work of the also Norwegians Hyper Games. The filiation of the project with the film seems rather informal, but then the matter has very little to do: here is a colorful 2D platformer starring Gilbert, who runs the scenarios taking advantage of the superpower that is his ability to vomit like crazy, either to boost in the air as a fuertecito smell jetpack or fill a gap of broth with trips to reach the edge.

The truth is that at first glance it looks the sea of attractive, with that mixture of absolutely disgusting concept with a lovable and lively aesthetic that reminds a bit of Pendleton Ward-style. Although, all still there, the visuals is actually work of two Spanish illustrators, Huesca brothers Juan and Alejandro Mingarro, who are now settled in Barcelona and compose Brosmind Studiocompany since 2006.

Eggggg comes soon to Android and iOS.

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