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NVIDIA launches Vault 1080, a mod for Fallout 4 with darkness as protagonist


There are many examples of companies that perform mods for games in the competition, although Nvidia is the latest addition to this peculiar practice. The company specialized in the development and creation of cards graphic makes its first steps in the creation of video games with a modification for Fallout 4 called Vault 1080 and with which aims to squeeze to the maximum them capabilities technical of its products.

While the mod will not be available until September 2, Nvidia has posted a little teaser that you can see some of the main features of Vault 1080. To begin with, we get full at a shelter in which the play of light and darkness are the main protagonists of the mod. The goal is to show the virtues of the volumetric light and dynamic shadows and generate highly realistic visual experience.

Offer Vault 1080 more than just “technical muscle”? Because at the moment it is difficult to answer, since Nvidia has not provided much more information in this regard. Apparently the size of this Vault is similar to the other that can be found in Fallout 4, which also tells us too. There is also a brief description that says that the inhabitants of the Vault 1080 are worshippers of the dark and that since the company invite us to discover the secrets that are hidden within it.

Whether a purely advertising movement or a “benchmark” undercover, the truth is that this creation is striking. Probably does not have any impact to playable level, but can that for players who like to take the viewing experience to another level is an interesting option. Below you can see the teaser trailer released by Nvidia from its mod for Fallout 4 Vault 1080.


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