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Fighting without shifts for the remake of Final Fantasy VII


Tetsuya Nomura is currently developing Kingdom Hearts 3 and the anticipated remake of Final Fantasy VII, game we remember come in episodic format. Japanese confirmed long ago that take to be able to play it and this time has come back to clarify that the combat system will not be by turns.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will feature a system of combat based on mechanical-player action and not by command.

The screenshot that looked to Cloud coverage (lower) shows that the player can interact with its environment. It clarifies that this action will be optional.


The battle against the Scorpion guardian will have destruction of the environment and new attacks by this boss. It will be a very ostentatious battle.

Something already discussed earlier is re-confirma and which remains a source of controversy. In my case, I admit that I enjoy more than active systems that shift now.

Via | Neo-GAF

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