Thursday , September 21 2023
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Fighting without shifts for the remake of Final Fantasy VII


Tetsuya Nomura is currently developing Kingdom Hearts 3 and the anticipated remake of Final Fantasy VII, game we remember come in episodic format. Japanese confirmed long ago that take to be able to play it and this time has come back to clarify that the combat system will not be …

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Final Fantasy XV more than 5 million units distributed


On his first day of life, Final Fantasy XV has managed to distribute more than 5 million games. A milestone that makes this installment of the fantasy end of Square-Enix in biggest best seller of the brand in that period of time.These figures have been obtained of a jackpot that …

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Final Fantasy XV now on sale


It seems lie but two of the most anticipated games from many years ago finally are a reality. We are talking about Final Fantasy XV, formerly known as Versus, renowned as a main chapter of the license and The Last Guardian and after many problems can already be yours in …

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This is the first patch of 7.7 GB Final Fantasy XV


Final Fantasy XV has been one of the most anticipated games in recent months. The development, to charge of Square Enix, has been extremely long, although by the road have gone watching all type of news and features that not have made but confirm that the project is excellent. The …

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