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Final Fantasy XV is gold

Final Fantasy XV

A few months ago, it seemed that the development of Final Fantasy XV would not never end. Basically because Square Enix had already been quite some time working on the project and doing everything to the end of it materialize as soon as possible. However, the idea is already almost a palpable reality. As has been seen, the developer has been working too much during recent months, publishing all kinds of material and demonstrating that they are behind one of the best ideas from the past years.

They have been years of development, several changes in direction and many minor modifications. However, as you can read in the official Final Fantasy XV on Twitter account, the game already has reached a State gold. In other words, it is already finished. All that remains is to burn the discs with the content, packaging boxes and send them to the stores in order to sell the video game in the coming weeks.

That Final Fantasy XV already is in State gold not means that Square Enix is go to stay with the arms crossed. On the contrary, now that the company will continue to work on additional content that will get expanded the original experience. It is clear that the game continue much war.

Don’t forget that Final Fantasy XV will be released in stores on November 29, for Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Via | Twitter – Final Fantasy XV

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