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Hawken and their Wicks reach Xbox One this week, and the next PS4

Hawken, the free-to-play of Wicks that came out on PC years ago, will come to PS4 and Xbox One in a few days: this same Friday, 1 July, in the case of the Microsoft console, and the next, July 8, to Sony.

Although it may not seem it, the trailer above goes against the background of the game, about the ins and outs of his universe; I say so because you start explaining that “as it was created with the consoles in mind, the game controls are surprisingly intuitiveĀ», which, moreover, is good news.

Worth reviewing another story: that of the own Hawken, which arose in 2011 with a few months of development on their backs but a promising future ahead. It wasn’t too much to receive an investment of $ 10 million to continue the development, aiming to PC but also to PS3 and Xbox 360. At the end of 2012 came into open beta, although I recall that he is supposed to be a final release; in any case, shortly before writing the game

It has been proposed to become the paradigm of the free-to-play game that
It is also a ‘AAA’. A tome that crush of many prejudices and
Open the doors to others based on doing things right and seduce
also for the eyes.

With that pressure on the shoulders it was updating and developing until March 2014, when Meteor Games, its publisher, closed and paralyzed Hawken. A year later, in March 2015, Reloaded Games (those of APB: Reloaded) announced that it had bought Hawken, and then was still a year to make the PS4 and Xbox One versions were announced. Here summarizes what they have done since 2015 until today.

The case of APB: Reloaded does not help to trust Reloaded Games, clear. On Steam, however, the game has a majority of positive reviews: there are those who talk of a resurgence of the community, of good practices by the developers and, finally, a game that deserves worthwhile to spend some time. On PC, as I said, we must not wait to try it.

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