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The launch of The Technomancer trailer reminds us that comes out today

The new game from the Spiders, The TechnomancerFrench, is put on sale today, June 28; It is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and the trailer for launch (up these words) summarizes what it is possible to find in the game.

Here out BadLand Games; I appeal to your latest press release to find out that the game puts us in the skin of one such «Zachariah, an apprentice of tecnomante which represents one of the most powerful corporations that are confronted by the most precious of the red planet resource: water.» The tecnomantes are formidable warriors, who use destructive electrical powers that channeled through their implants. Your adventure will take you on a journey through Mars, where every decision you make has its consequences, as well as the actions that you decide to carry out’.

They also talk about cold numbers: 40 hours of gameplay, 4 skills, 3 combat positions trees; so loose is as if they mean nothing, but putting in context the numbers can perhaps guess a dense set, which takes the role as enough seriously as to allow that, at least on one thing in particular (the attitude towards combat), the player may have the last word, and can be positioned so that the decision looks like yours , and not a simple meter square in square hollow figure.

The last game of Spiders, Bound By Flame, was all good intentions but lacked the temerity to walk new places, rather than follow in the footsteps of others:

I believe that it is the second game from Spiders Games that I try after Mars: War
Logs and both are the same presenting a premise: or have the
same imagination that the ideologue of Tadeo Jones, or terrifies them
delve into roads that aren’t perfectly paved and
marked. The fantastic medieval times also offers a wide range of
conceptual possibilities, it must be said, but that’s where comes the
ability of a creator to hide it seams to work. That is
an art not dominating the developer gabacha or, worse yet, that neither
even knows how to raise it.

This pinjed wrote it in his analysis. This Mars: War Logs that mentions is set, effectively, in the same universe as The Technomancer, coming to work continuing.

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