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Horizon: Zero Dawn has sold more than two million and half copies

They say from Sony that things are going well with the latest Guerrilla game: sales of Horizon: Zero Dawn have exceeded the 2.6 million copies around the world, adding the physical and the digital. That makes it «the largest debut» Dutch study and in “the most successful launch of a new IP first party in PS4»; that means that it surpasses Bloodborne, The Last Guardian and even Knack.

That Horizon would have continuity was more or less written – from Sony spoke of “franchise” months prior to the premiere, but is now also confirmed. Says the director general of Guerrilla, Hermen Hulst, that “this is only the beginning of the history of Aloy and our team is already working hard on an expansion for this story”. Not it is clear to me if the good of Hermen speaks here of the sequel or a possible DLC for the first installment, but I say that there will be two things.

Doing public sales figures is still relatively uncommon in video games, so it is difficult to contextualize the success of Horizon: Zero Dawn. The 4.5 million Mafia III screwed us a little schemes, despite being a multiplatform title and that 2 K there had distributed units. I also see that Uncharted 4 was about 9 million at the end of last year, for example. We can leave it, for the moment, they are good numbers – otherwise they would have said anything.

And then there is the critical success, clear. Here I have it easy, because I can paste a paragraph of the analysis that wrote pinjed days ago:

Horizon Zero Dawn is a title which brag about having it in the catalogue of exclusive in its console, a part of those who choose the scale figurative in that imaginary war between platforms, and will be remembered as a well done game, with fine finishes and some rigor in their mechanical. It will be a friendly and comforting memory, a good example of European engineering, and perhaps even a reference.

As that.

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