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Hot Lava is the first game in 3D of Klei, those of Don’t Starve

Klei Entertainment, creators of Don’t Starve or Mark of the Ninja, have announced their new game: Hot Lava, its first foray into the 3D. You can see the first trailer on top of these lines.

«Although we are a Studio recognized by our hand-drawn 2D art, also we pride ourselves on the variety of genres that we have been able to explore with each game we have created and jugabilidades», explained in the press release. “Although Hot Lava is going to take, without a doubt, further experimental territory that we love, our new game is one that you’ve probably already played”.

Indeed, reminiscent of a common game among children: that by which imagination turns the ground into lava and the objective is to advance without succumbing to the magma. That you want to remember (refer to this child the same press release entertainment), but there is something more: here the lava is not imaginary but real, and the main objective is not to touch the ground, under any circumstances.

It seems that things are going to go through some scenarios that you can associate with the childhood of the protagonist (a House, a school), only that invaded by magma. To take them is used a luck of parkour (for me, that am an ignorant, running up them furniture already is parkour) and until there can read, of time.

I suppose we will know more when we can try the beta; Here it is possible to sign up, if it sounds like the flute, and if it is not always save us the page of Steam until the time of the launch, which is not yet defined in any way.

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