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Analysis of Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom

Few worst ideas that bring together Attack I can think of, a priori on Titan and Omega Force. In the manga by Hajime Isayama, pessimism is defined from frustration and humiliation involved feel overwhelmed – in this case, by a deformed giants of unknown origin that people eat as though they were cookies. Koei Tecmo study, on the other hand, is known for such games as yours where the threat is something very, very relative: you can, it gives you to be a samurai, Link, a sorceress from Dragon Quest, or straw hat pirate, charge you three dozens of enemies in a single blow.

It is also true, however, that few best ideas that bring together the Ninja turtles and Platinum Games occurred I.

Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom is not always above those prejudices, for that of the goat and the monte, but yes it shows the effort of their responsible for leaving a particularly rigid comfort zone so far. It is, and take this time yes I’ve seen the anime, an interesting expedition behind the high walls of the musou.

Análisis de Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom


Have done well, then, it more difficult. They have adapted rightly mechanics imposed since the original material to make a different game, one that can only be attack on Titan. In the center of the design is the team of 3D maneuvers, a number of gadgets attached to the belt that allow, through a system of hooks, cables, gears and drive with gas, moving at full speed and gain altitude in a few seconds. The most obvious comparison is with Spider-Man, I guess; the thing goes of impulses and of swinging, so is required always a point of hitch. Also as in the majority of incursions videojuerguistas of the male spider, simply press the corresponding button to go throwing ropes towards the direction indicated with the stick. It is not a perfect solution, because every time you prints you against a building – no more consequences than the loss of smoothness in the ride-, but enjoy the stunts and in general, animations and speed, remember enough to that seen in the series. The thing changes slightly when are it quite near a Titan: with the objective set can move you with certain freedom, almost floating, and nailing the hook in any of their extremities or in the neck-the point weak of these bugs. The following is already clotheslines and take advantage of the push to release a good sliced; can Maul to them giant to reduce his mobility during a while, but the only form of finish with them is a Campion well sharp.

Análisis de Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom

Especially simple by separate, those two schemes of control is complement with naturalness and are, in fact, the unique responsible of the good boot that has Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom. In it campaign is recreates with true rigor it happened in the first season of the anime and, already say, one it passes well doing of Eren Jaeger during the first missions of the troop of recruits 104.

Problems arrive a little later, with the wear of a mechanic that is left too much alone. The design of levels just exists and, almost always, it only that is you asks is that Matt to them Titans near the exclamation red in the minimap. Can go also by them green, them objectives side-kill to more Titans to activate add allied to the group, collect supplies or activate traps in the soil-, and even go to by them enemies that not you plunder of road if like complete the level with a S; sooner than later, of course, repetition becomes tedious.

Attempts to introduce variety there is no luck. The confrontation to cannon with the Titan colossal is a full disaster, when going to horse by spaces more open Miss of less the team of maneuvers three-dimensional and it of the looteo and the crafteo, to vary, is since why Yes. Also control to true Titan-see that continues without having consensus on if that is or not spoiler-, but its four movements poorly counted make that meets only as phase of bonus camouflaged. Works best in alternate between various characters, by the demands of the script. Its handling is very similar and none arrives to make a difference, but the different skills do not disturb: the poor Armin have put a button for help and Levi there who stop it when it starts to spin like a spinning top. Each one also gains experience and unlock new attacks. There are some small good idea there – I like it to use blades worn as a weapon, when you change them by a new- but it is not a friendly game of details.

Without resources that allow you to use the amount of Titans, is soon lost them respect. It is difficult to see them as the threat that is supposed to be when you get a trophy for killing a thousand; the seriousness of tone is not the same that little attention is given in the series and numerous casualties in the Allied ranks. The game ends up being so planito, also in this regard, that the epic comes not quite right. More or less mythical scenes such as plugging the gap in the wall with the Boulder fail to set the pace as they probably should, although not all bad: the cinematic copied anime correctly and graphics, still normalillos in the best of cases, are pulling. Not this time I couldn’t help but remember the usual, your Naruto and especially of his Asura completo Wrath.

At the end, and despite the fact that starts suggesting the opposite, Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom is not a particularly surprising title. With more punch and more eager than others who come from the anime, yes – it is relatively long and has a lot of optional, out of context, missions that can be played also in co-op four- but without the packaging or enough charm to transcend his condition of product for fans. [6]

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