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I Am sailor will be available in Switch the 3 of March

Square Enix has confirmed that the version for Nintendo I Am Setsuna Switch will be published worldwide next March 3, joining the list of games that will be available for the new console since the day of its release.

As far as I know, the day of release in Japan always has been that controversial March 3. The news is in the other territories: so far was not assured that the RPG from Square Enix, which already turned over to the world on other platforms in the mid-2016, out out that day in the United States and Europe.

To the news of the launch world you accompanies the confirmation of that this new version, only digital, will include some news, between them a new mode called temporary Battle Arena in which several players may compete between itself using its equipment. The note of press of Square Enix not is especially generous in details, not.

In this way, five games official (among which are the new Zelda and 1-2-Switch) joined by at least two that you can get through the eShop: it and The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth +. It remains to be seen how is fattened for that initial alignment between now and March 3; the eShop with its indies and their virtual consoles, has much to say on this.

Designed by Tokyo RPG Factory, the new study of Square Enix dedicated to the more classical side of gender, I Am Setsuna is a journey in the time that aims to recover the essence, via loans from here and there, some role-playing games of Japanese as Chrono Trigger or the Final Fantasy of yesteryear.

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