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Inside becomes PS4 August 23

Inside, the latest wonder from Playdead, available for PS4 on 23 August.

He study Danish is has complicated little her life and with the same trailer-that is less spoiler of what seems, although equal itself is a little spoiler; If you haven’t played, better not see it – announces the version for the Sony console and confirms your departure date. Exclusivity, as it has been most temporary of what could be expected: the game made its debut June 29 on Xbox One and a week later came to Steam.

The video also reminds us, clear, Inside is the very best that was published this year. To praise well selected some words could be added that chiconuclear dedicated to him in this Holy House: «the grotesque reality of Inside has much in common with ours, and provides (if you pay attention) some tools to look at us around with other eyes: If something have to be video games, please, that is so important.» For example. Suck that, Kotaku!

We also talk about it, still in a State of shock, in a podcast. If you then left it to pass, because of not wanting to listen or a word at the end, as is a good time to recover it.

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