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Madden NFL 17, already available to Xbox One

Madden NFL 17

Still remember the first time that we play to a Madden NFL. Makes enough years, taking in account that in that occasion them players just were distinguishable. However, there was the possibility of transmitting the sport in which the game is set. With each new installment, the results have been refined. Not in vain, the latest release, Madden NFL 17, is a highly recommended title. It doesn’t matter that it is not extremely popular. Enough with that have their own legion of users.

Do you remember, few weeks ago, we announced the upcoming release of the video game? As well, know that it is already available to Xbox One. The idea Basic is maintains in this new delivery, although it true is that also is include numerous news that make feel the feeling of that are before a game completely new.

The fact that you have received a small graphic renovation must be added new game modes (such as the franchise mode, for example), changes in the system of physics that moves the ball, new mechanics game and changes in the system of Artificial Intelligence in order to get the most difficult things. Not in vain, will be before a challenge new, by what will have that put you the batteries in the case that want to win all them parties.

Although Madden NFL 17 is now available for Xbox One, we have to mention that other editions will go on sale soon, by which we recommend to be vigilant. For now, you can purchase the Edition for the Microsoft console in your usual selling point.

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