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The Witness will come to Xbox One in September

Mind Blown: The Game. Hence the name comes to the boy.

The island of the puzzles of the friend Jonathan Blow can also visit Xbox One. The 13 of September, if all goes as expected in Thekla, will be The Witness available in the console of Microsoft.

It will basically be the same game, without additives or preservatives, which was published at the end of January for PCs and PS4. Put now content exclusive to a platform, says Blow on IGN, “would ruin the game».

Even in the version for iOS, announced from the outset and still in development, it will keep the world open puzzle scattered all over. If there is more work: touches lower graphics that they throw in the pots of Apple and also design touch control scheme – will move one pointing to the destination, not with a virtual stick in the corner of the screen.

I still do not have finished The Witness. Do not think that I like to have to say this, but the pending departure now gives me a respect that could be confused with some fear; had learned so many things about them panels and them mazes, had located so many points of interest to which thought return more forward, that already not know by where begin. There will be that back to the island, as you said Jack to Kate, because in the handful of hours that you spent itself came with a damn lot of ideas fabulous and so intelligent that, again, hurt and all.

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