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Mass Effect Andromeda still not convincing in this new video

I don’t know why Devils insist, both the organizers of The Game Awards as the own BioWare, portraying this as the first gameplay from Mass Effect Andromeda. We saw it already during the PlayStation Meeting dedicated to PS4 Pro, although some would prefer to forget. Today’s video is just a little better.

There is time to show more things, that Yes, like the Nomad making spiritual successor of the Mako or classic dialogue that ends with both partners uncovered her guns of the future. Mass Effect parts are there, of course, but something does not fit: perhaps animations reguleras upset more than a few years ago and is likely to remember the shootings of previous deliveries more fondly than they deserve, but cost me a lot more than it would like to encourage me with this.

I guess that everything can change as one go knowing to the new – or new-Shepard and his crew. At the end the important thing is that, certainly, but I hope that Electronic Arts will regain interest in the franchise before a launch, which is planned for spring of 2017.

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