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NBA 2K 16 and Gone Home, PS4 in June Plus games

Sony has announced the games that will be included, from June 7, the snapshot collection of PlayStation Plus.

The star is definitely NBA 2 K 16 for PS4, a choice particularly suitable as little for two reasons: because the Visual Concepts and 2 K Simulator is a great game, clear, and because it coincides with the end of the NBA between Cavaliers and Warriors.

Eye also Gone Home, one of the essential indies of 2013 – the year of the narrative, thanks to Papers, Please and The Stanley Parable – who ended up becoming the new consoles a few months ago.

As it has become usual, the thing will deflate if passed to platforms more viejunas. PS3 echochrome will have and Siren: Blood Curse, Vita, with its casimuertismo already taken, receives Little Deviants and God of War: Chains of Olympus. Little joke: the first launch of the handheld game, did a study which has been closed since January, 2012. And the adventure of Kratos, posted for PSP in 2008, goes Ghost of Sparta before… one of the games that is still available as part of the PlayStation Plus in May.

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