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The last Humble Bundle is a candy for friends of the narrative

El último Humble Bundle es un caramelo para amigos de lo narrativo

The last Humble Bundle began yesterday and is focused on the narrative game: from Broken Age up to 80 Days, Cibele and Her Story, this collection of games is a good way to Unclog pipes counting stories.

In the first segment, the pay whatever you want (or at least a dollar, if we want the keys to Steam), have Her Story, Read Only Memories and Cibele. From Her Story we have said much, and I think that it could be even more: chose it as one of the best games of 2015, because it does not resemble anything we have played so far (that we said in our analysis); We also talked about his place in the narrative tradition of the fragment and the found footage. Read Only Memories is the only one that escapes us, because on Cibele we were lucky that Eva Cid, which explains why talk to us

Many titles are “author” tag and only a few are legitimately. Cibele is one of them.

It is not a little thing.

In the second segment, from (now) $4, we have Broken Age, 80 Days and parts 1 and 2 of Sorcery! Is an opportunity as good as any other check, if we have not done so already, how ended the adventure of Tim Schafer and company to give new look to graphic adventures; We believe that well. Personally, Sorcery! I am interested in a little less, but 80 Days is carrying a time in my point of view. Small joys that give these packs of games.

Finally, paying $10 or more we get all of the above plus Shadowrun: Hong Kong, the extended edition of the latest installment of the veteran series, which dates back to 1993 (in games). Between whistles and bundles, I think that it is easy for many of them that you are reading this have in the library of Steam all last Shadowrun, from Returns up to this: as soon as we give you by the tactical rolazo, have a good feast just a click away.

There are 13 days still to be with this pack, which is compatible with Windows, Mac and, although only some games, Linux.

Although it is reasonable to think that this Humble Bundle is intended for fans of narrative games, the truth is that if someone is going to have all these games, or most of them, are precisely those fans. I would like to go a little further: I think that this Humble Bundle is ideal for people that do not play video games, or that he plays less: which dismissed the game as something competitive and based solely on the ability, for example, or who believe that their narrative ambitions do not go beyond offering a cheap excuse to justify any killing.

It is an interesting package for many people who could be interested by the way type of video games but who perhaps don’t know where to find them: that I especially liked.

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