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NBA Playgrounds shown in new images


The part of 2K NBA franchise has set as one of the games most exploited by players. Not in vain, his massive addiction to realism in basketball has crowned it as one of the most sought after sports games.

However, I had a time where the arcade titles were one step ahead of the simulation. Video game Street Hoop, Future Basketball and Dunk Dream marked an entire generation of sports lovers, always rewarding spectacular above the conventional. At that time, they looked for kilometric baskets, impossible jumps and the unreal stunts, along with a fast playability allowing you to squeeze the most title.

For those who still throw less those times, NBA Playgrounds is a new commitment by Know Interactive, with all the flavour of the classics. NBA Playgrounds will be a video-game arcade, with characters cabezones and sit & go, which will soon be available for current consoles. It will include an extensive cast of eligible characters, among which we will find many current and retired NBA legends, which you can customize with skills at our discretion. There is the possibility of playing both local and online multiplayer, and of course, play only. We will also have the option of participating in World tournaments online.

NBA Playgrounds
NBA Playgrounds
NBA Playgrounds
NBA Playgrounds

NBA Playgrounds will be available for PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch, during may, without specific still.

Source | Know Interactive

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