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Nintendo registers a patent with the SNES controller do new console to view?


The story comes from afar. Everything started at the beginning of the month of December, when the own Nintendo recorded in Japan a new brand with the image of the SNES controller, also known as the Super Famicom. December 5, in addition, the brand was approved in the registry of the country, so that the company could put to work the patent. After those moves, however, the silence was absolute. What is Nintendo working on?

Of course, the fact that the company has registered responds to many possibilities, mark but the most obvious is that you are already thinking: the development of a new Mini SNES that includes several video games for this console, but with improvements. This product has not been confirmed, although it is what the rumors say.

Mention that before the record itself had gossip who commented that a new console was being developed for the next year. In any case, Nintendo has not confirmed anything about it, so we will have to wait to see what you have in hand.

With the registration of the mark, they attacked us many doubts, so it will have to be attentive to what is preparing the well known Japanese company. A new console? or perhaps an evolution of the NES Classic Mini that is already on sale?

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