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Roberto Ferrari, designer of characters from Final Fantasy XV: “development was a waste”

Final Fantasy XV

We can not hesitate to say that the launch of Final Fantasy XV has been one of the most anticipated moments of the video game industry. Not in vain, during the development is were publishing a great quantity of materials Visual in which could see the different features that are were implementing. The result has generated all type of controversies: to some them has liked, but others had wanted a title completely different.

The development, which has lasted for ten years, has served to set up one of the more ambitious world player. Although there are people that think different and have commented on those works that are have made in the game. Roberto Ferrari is one of the designers of characters from Final Fantasy XV. And, recently, has exploited to clarify that the development of the game “was a garbage“.

Ferrari has made special reference to the moments in which “Square Enix made last-minute changes“, facts that were repeated “steadily“. Not in vain, the worker said that staff went crazy because of the indecision that had in terms of the plot of the game aspects.

Final Fantasy XV

The designer is has extended about the way of working that had:

Square Enix was very disorganized. Our team worked on Final Fantasy XV while the history complete still is was ending. The release date was planned for December 2014. In that year, the story wouldn’t change at each quarter. However, the history main was after before hiring to the personal for avoid the garbage that had between hands, both in the development as in them times that should use to create all.

Finally, Roberto Ferrari also has charged against Tetsuya Nomura, an of the people responsible of this last Final Fantasy. And is that, as it has argued, “need much time for bringing to light” video games. Also, has added the made of that “is difficult having to deal with a character so peculiar“. Things that have had a lot to do at the time of launch Final Fantasy XV.

Although the development has been difficult, must have in account that the game already is to the sale in stores. A project with notes disparate but that, in all case, has fulfilled the expectations of the majority of users.

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