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No Man completo Sky is being investigated for misleading advertising

No Man's Sky

You know that has been formed with No Man completo Sky right? The game has been for months one of the projects with more hype in the industry, causing many reservations. However, the opinion of the users when it has been released has not been particularly good. In fact, many of them accused the developer responsible for the game of telling lies and argue new playable who, apparently, have not yet come to meet.

A few weeks ago we even mentioned that many users had requested the return of the money invested in the game. However, the controversy has reached far beyond. For few hours, in fact, know that the game is being investigated for alleged misleading advertising. It seems that the case is much more serious than we thought at the beginning.

It was the handle, The Advertising Standards Authority, the entity has communicated the an investigation into non man’s Sky for alleged misleading advertising. The same has been initiated due to the large number of complaints issued by players who bought, in his day, the game for PC and Playstation 4. The most striking of all is that there is an accusation of advertising fraud due to that on the official website of No Man completo Sky on Steam are pictures that do not correspond with the final version of the game.

Although the own ASA has not given many details about the investigation, have been initiated some legal procedures in order to verify whether the game is committing some kind of fraud. If so, Hello Games would receive a fine.

We will be attentive to any kind of novelty in this respect. For the moment, seems that the thing not paints well.

Via | Eurogamer

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