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No Man completo Sky will come out August 10

No Man's Sky saldrá el 10 de agosto

Version for No Man completo Sky PS4 will be published, finally, on 10 August in Europe. In the United States will be the 9th; in the United Kingdom, 12.

This confirms the filtration, uncovered by Kotaku and confirmed shortly afterwards by AnaitGames, who claimed that the launch, originally planned for June 22, was postponed a few weeks; the sources spoke of a new date between July and August.

The new date is already reflected in the game page on the North American PlayStation official website; the Spanish still ancient, although it is a matter of time that change it.

“We understand that this news is disappointing,” acknowledged Sean Murray on the PlayStation blog. «This match is the most difficult thing I’ve done in my life, but we are very close, and we are prepared to take tough decisions to come out well.»

The reason for the delay, as usual, is the urgency of making some last minute tweaks (“we noticed that some key moments need more work so that they are at the height of our standards’) to get «offer something special» with its ambitious space game.

«No Man completo Sky universe is incredibly vast. More than you can imagine. «It is a type of game that has not been done before, by a small team of what anyone expected, under an intense amount of expectation», continues. “And despite all that, the development is going really well. This is the most hard-working and talented team with which I have worked, and I’m very proud of what we are doing. We have a chance to make this game, and for the sake of all of us we can not shit it».

Now the big question is the PC. No Man completo Sky for Steam version continues with the launch scheduled for 22; This version for computer not discussed explicitly in any official game communications, so at the moment only Hello Games can confirm that the delay is common to all platforms: them we have been, and will update this information as soon as we receive a response.

No Man's Sky saldrá el 10 de agosto

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