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Nuka World was premiered first on Fallout Shelter


Nuka World, the new DLC for Fallout 4 is debuts in a few days, but meanwhile, has debutado first in the simulator of shelters nuclear of Bethesda Fallout Shelter. Through a surprise update, entered a quest chain that incorporate this title to two pets, bottle and plate, of the particular theme park where downloadable content of Nuka World develops.

The arrival of these two pets is interesting since it provides a Fallout Shelter two additional lines for plates and bottles of Nuka-Cola Quantum. These last are especially useful because are quite rare of get and us allow accelerate the processes of construction of the refuge, as well as others parameters temporary. The only downside is that these two characters appear randomly in our shelter, so we have to be attentive to your arrival to make us with their awards before they disappear.

Another of the novelties of this patch for Fallout Shelter is the arrival of new types of missions and challenges weekly. With them have more options at the time of launch to our residents of turned to the wilderness and the rewards additional seem quite interesting. Of the same is introduced more types of missions with which get more sheets and that thus the players have more variety. Furthermore, it appears that the foundations for future thematic events that seems to arrive with different festivities.

Despite being a patch less, them changes and added introduced in it contribute to incorporate more variety to Fallout Shelter. Something that already not is as problematic as in them versions more early of this title in which stay is without objectives or without incentives to continue playing was quite usual last a time.

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