Friday , September 22 2023
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Fallout jumps the boards with your own Wargaming


It seems that the Fallout saga will be the next to jump from the world of the video game of the Board Games. On this occasion, the post-apocalyptic RPG from Bethesda bet on the wargame format to tables around the world. By the time the details about this project are …

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Gameplay with included head of Prey


Bethesda and Arkane are greasing the promotional machinery of Prey by publishing content on a regular basis. Last week we published a compendium with videos that they various facets of the game and this time we have a 25-minute gameplay that includes one of the product managers.Prior to embed the …

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Fallout 2 and the mystery of the lost children


It is the year 2241 and the world recovers after a devastating nuclear war that has plunged humanity into a chaos that begins to recover timidly. The new generations are the only hope in this shattered world but… where are the children? This is a question that perhaps many players …

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Nuka World was premiered first on Fallout Shelter


Nuka World, the new DLC for Fallout 4 is debuts in a few days, but meanwhile, has debutado first in the simulator of shelters nuclear of Bethesda Fallout Shelter. Through a surprise update, entered a quest chain that incorporate this title to two pets, bottle and plate, of the particular …

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Analysis Fallout 4: Vault-Tec Workshop


Nuclear shelters that appear in the Fallout series are perhaps one of the most characteristic elements of the same. From the hut number 13 to the 111 of Fallout 4, these constructions have been one of the main hallmarks of the franchise, starring plots and missions within the master plans …

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What Prey?


Bethesda surprised E3 16 with the production of a new Prey that has nothing to do with the first game or the second installment which was being developed by Human Head before being cancelled.East Prey will not therefore neither a remake nor a sequel and not relationship one with the …

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