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Oculus ends its exclusive lock for users of HTC lives


Virtual reality technology offers two Premium options for users of PC, Oculus Rift and HTC lives. The first – Oculus – is owned by Facebook for some time and with the intention of achieving a market share that distanciase the competition ensured exclusive games for your device.

To hedge these products in Oculus Rift, the company introduced a DRM that prevented the execution of these titles if Oculus was not connected. This protection was easily removed with Revive, a software allowing users of HTC lives to play with unique of Oculus.

This DRM was harshly criticised by the industry and even the creator of Revive managed to completely eliminate this prior checking of hardware.

Oculus Rift has decided to completely remove that check in your latest update. A logical, given movement that protection was not effective and created more negativity than effectiveness of action. It will be to see if they will include some kind of lock to avoid the use of Oculus (Oculus motion sensor) Touch in HTC Viva, but the movement is grateful for.

Via | The Verge

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