Wednesday , July 24 2024
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Virtual reality brings benefits to developers


Approximately 50% of developers reported that the growth of your business in this market has been strong. 26% has confessed that the growth obtained in virtual reality has been disappointing and the rest seems that it stands at a midpoint.More than one third of professionals they are oriented to develop …

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Good numbers for Playstation VR: 915.000 units has already sold


At the beginning we thought that Playstation VR, i.e., a Virtual reality device with little exclusive material (or that thought), would not succeed in his release. Not in vain, the available projects were not many, to which must be added some health problems experienced by users themselves. However, the statistics …

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Oculus ends its exclusive lock for users of HTC lives


Virtual reality technology offers two Premium options for users of PC, Oculus Rift and HTC lives. The first – Oculus – is owned by Facebook for some time and with the intention of achieving a market share that distanciase the competition ensured exclusive games for your device.To hedge these products …

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