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OMORI, the RPG about a depressed otaku, has new trailer

OMOCAT has released a new trailer for OMORI, its RPG to the Mother about a depressed otaku; you have it up.

The video arrives with news regular. Via Kickstarter (where is financed the development) two of its responsible explained that when is proposed convert them bullets of OMORI in a game not had in has that was an issue so complicated; the unforeseen, inevitable in projects (perhaps all), led les to delayed the launch, originally planned for may, 2015, and now they must do it again. Not give a window of launch concrete.

If they recognize that the backers can be annoying by the long wait, so some of the additional rewards (t-shirts, pins, etc.) will begin to send the coming month.

«Am aware», explains OMOCAT, «of that another delay of the date of release will have a logical reaction negative, but not can “Remove to the force a game”, especially one that not has a performance right». However, the development is still very active, confirms.

He video game, a project in which OMOCAT takes thinking, recognizes, from makes years, is a RPG by shifts that is inspired, as so many lately, in them master Mother of Shigesato Itoi for count (or remember) the history of an otaku depressed. Between their points key are the «(in) required» attention to the detail of their environments and the system of combat «with States not traditional based on emotions and conditions human real».

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