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Capcom publishes a snack of Monster Hunter XX to start 2017

Capcom has released a brief trailer of Monster Hunter XX with which saluting the new year to their followers. You can see it above.

In addition to the greeting (another for you, Capcom, a hug to the family), in the video is can see to Lao Shan Lung, one of them dragons elderly, that returns here after some few years absent; his last appearance, and that them wikidioses I forgive by ask them so many things this tomorrow, was in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, of when the very popular series of Capcom still left in PSP.

It is not the only novelty of this new release, continuation of which is here called Generations. Besides the new monsters, are added others two styles of hunting, one of them points strong of this last coming of Monster Hunter. One of them is based on face to face enemies, defenceless; the other, something akin to Alchemy, consists of creating cocktails in a barrel with different properties, ideal for supporting players: the same serve to sharpen the weapons to eliminate negative effects of the rest of the group, protect the powerful ROAR or drop bombs from a distance.

Below you can see this new style of hunting in a trailer.

Monster Hunter XX is published in Japan on March 18. What this may suggest to everyone on Switch, the new Nintendo console, leave it in your hands; Remember that in few days will have place the event official in which it company Japanese will give all the details on its new machine, that should be with us in something more than one couple of months.

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