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Onechanbara Z2: Chaos comes to PC tomorrow

Onechanbara Z2: Chaos llega a PC mañana

Onechanbara Z2: Chaos, the action game of Tamsoft that came out in PS4 in the middle of last year, will come to PC tomorrow, June 1, as you can see in the recent page of the game on Steam.

The launch of this new version arrives by surprise from the hand of D3 Publisher, and they are not especially generous with details: beyond the minimum and recommended requirements, there is no no this port for computer-specific information. But by mistake I guess that is because there is not much to say: seems to be the same game, and even there are three downloadable content lurking in the shop page.

It is even said the price; It will have to wait for the page to activate at all.

In his day, our friend and confidant pinjed condensed the essence Onechanbara and threw light on the peculiarities of this Chaos Z2 with the following paragraph:

The parade of unbearable dialogues, Institute eroticism and violence of low-budget are the facade of Z2: Chaos, but the truth is that the combat system which have been designed for this game is no joke. Fast, technical, demanding and varied, allows us to not only perform dozens of combinations in attack and unlock movements, but also to link combos with another of the three main characters you can enter in battle at the right time. So beating the living dead can be finished in collaborative hits much feeling of forcefulness and beautiful choreographic invoice. Bloody sword dirt bars (the House brand from makes several deliveries) and classic bar of rage, culminating in an outbreak of destructive fury not entirely hide underneath, somewhere, there is something of Bayonetta, but also of Dynasty Warriors.

Thus one speaks. You can read the full analysis here.

Onechanbara was born in 2004 with The OneeChanbara, Volume 61 of the Simple 2000 series of D3 Publisher: a series of low-budget games that took the price (2000 yen) in the title. PlayStation 2 received two installments (the original and its sequel, more versions improved, so common in Japan); the next installment was released on Xbox 360, although it ended up coming to Wii and PS3. Z2 Chaos is the first installment for next generation, and, now, PC.

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