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The creators of Outcast prepare his return with the remake of Outcast – Second Contact


Third time lucky, or that’s what you hope to achieve by developers of Outcast trying to produce a remake of this brilliant title. After a failed attempt to launch at Kickstarter and an improved version of the classic, this classic returns to the fray to try to enjoy a new version updated with a technical section of our days and new playable. Outcast – Second Contact is the name of this project which includes the creators of the original.

In addition, Outcast – Second Contact could be the forerunner of the second installment of the series, another one of those projects that was lost at the time and never see the light. So this new project could see the light, the remake of Outcast should be a success, something that makes things a little difficult to get it to become a reality. And is that living up to the expectations of the original is complicated to what we must add another obstacle, Outcast is a complete stranger among users of consoles.

In honor of the truth, nor is that Outcast is the most popular PC game, where there also are few who know the virtues of this title. Fruit of an era in which be updated in a matter of PC games was expensive and complex, Outcast unnoticed to the general public. There is no doubt that Outcast – Second Contact can be an ideal opportunity for resurgence and that the legacy of this game may be known, but make a visually attractive project, as complex and large as this is a daunting task that can surpass any small study, even if it is formed by its original creators.

Outcast – Second Contact is a hymn to hope to play a title unique in all its glory, although it doesn’t look that the road is easy. If all goes well this project will see the light at the beginning of 2017, a fairly close date so that the project should be well advanced.

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