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Overland is available, without limit of units, in advance access

Overland está disponible, sin límite de unidades, en acceso anticipado

Overland, the Finji turn based post-apocalyptic strategy game, available on First Access, their particular form of understanding advance access. So far, this access before time had limitations: time put on sale a series of codes, and when they ended up had to wait that it launched the following months later. The new batch has the peculiarity of be unlimited: or there are number of units or limit of time to buy a.

This First Access gives access to new versions that are rising monthly and the development forum that discussed about things that can be of interest to the community, and how to implement them. Is a site very walkable and of which is can take more than one lesson. When out in Steam, also there will be a key to get the game on the platform of Valve.

Of time, that Yes, touch play (recommend do it, since are) in, where are to the sale them key.

Deserves quite the penalty, although not is even finished, give you an opportunity to Overland, designed by Adam and Rebekah Saltsman. If to someone you sounds the last name Saltsman by the popular Canabalt, the game that sat the bases of those endless runners that today are one of them synonym of game for mobile, what there is here is less different of what seems: is almost equal of simple of handle, although its depth is considerably greater.

We wrote about Overland makes a time. We said then:

A more explicitly than other games that also go that, Overland takes advantage of the context post-apocalyptic to talk to us about the strange and conflicting cohabitation between the perception of the other as a resource and as being live. The brutality of the world US forces to have present in all time, by uncomfortable that can result, it possibility of favor to ones on others simply because we are more useful; the nature procedural of the game serves to explore the theme of multiple ways, and gets, thanks to a use smart of the information (and to its condition of game casual: is can play exclusively with the mouse), make it of a form clear and powerful.

You can read the article full here.

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