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The Humble Bundle of Sierra is also essential

El Humble Bundle de Sierra también es imprescindible

Here we like to recommend Humble Bundles only and exclusively when they interest us to us in particular, and at the end it happens that we have just recommending them almost all because, I shit in the milk, they are fine. The today many won’t you move or a single muscle of the face, but in this case the historical and documentary value of the games saw offered is unquestionable and of particular importance, especially because some of them were not on Steam until a couple of days ago. About 8 euros the piece, for certain, what a grace who buy them.

By the ridiculous amount of 0.90 euros we can get into the digital pocket Space Quest Collection, Police Quest Collection, Phantasmagoria, Phantasmagoria 2 and Shiftlings. In addition to the first two collections, which are a lot of graphic adventures, which in his time were overshadowed by the megatons of LucasArts, but was excellent anyway, I would highly recommend the Phantasmagoria, adventures graphics filmed in live action with a gore component the sea of crappy that you will love.

El Humble Bundle de Sierra también es imprescindible

The rest of the Pack games also blends essential archaeology with things forgotten and somewhat mediocre: 11.26 euros enters us the Gabriel Knight, five games trilogy of Quest for Glory, TimeShift and Arcanum: Of Steamworks and dark Magick. Going up just 2 euros more us falls King’s Quest Collection (from the 1 to the 7), Caesar III, Caesar IV, Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved and Velocity 2 X. And already touching the 18 euros can include cart King’s Quest: The Complete Collection, which is an episodic release that by now three chapters have been released and left three others out that they are still under development.

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