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Person 5 finally arrives with this launch trailer

The anticipated and celebrated JRPG from Atlus finally comes to the West, so Deep Silver – responsible for its Edition in Europe – updated their YouTube channel with the required launch trailer for person 5.

The video does not teach almost nothing that had not been already, because there is a fear of spoilers that you won’t see here. We know perfectly well what is the thing: a group of Japanese students alternating the Institute and extracurricular activities with fighting shift between Weirdos who happen to be projections of their psyches. The structure of the game is very similar to the previous deliveries, with a very strict timetable that we know use, but roll the protagonists become thieves — enter mechanical of stealth that dungeons are grateful. And then there is the style raised to the nth power, a character design, an interface with a graphic design that I do not remember the opponent.

Eye, that Yes, the sleight of hand of subtitling the trailer into Spanish; the game comes completely in English – or in Japanese, which are now available as DLC original voices. And almost better, say some, because there is more than one disaster in those four poorly-counted lines: things as “Please, super this game» or «Funny watch» offend me more than a joke about Carrero Blanco. They never cease to amaze me these Craps.

Person 5 is already available itself for PS3 and PS4, said. Already you will be counting more nice things about it, we just start it also.

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