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PlayStation reviews the exclusive in 2017 with mess on labels

YouTube channel of PlayStation Europe began the year with a review of the more or less exclusive titles that should reach PS4 through 2017. As usual, entering the bag both games developed by internal studies and which will not be published on other consoles, but yes they will have version for PC.

Not there are ads or surprises noteworthy, although itself reappear some that wore time relatively hidden: there is Dreams, that not arrived in time with the beta but itself is left see in some video interesting makes not both.

What more has struck, in the absence of news, is the use of labels for certain games. With the rules in hand, that “console exclusive» dedicated to Nioh seconds should mean that the Souls de el Team Ninja will come to the PC. If it were a mistake, Sony would have also committed it in this promotional email. In any case, we should not rule out the hypothesis of the bug; NieR: automaton listed as unique when we know for a long time that it will be released on Steam. Rare also as of console exclusive for 5 person, considering that the game will be available for PS3 and PS4.

This type of material, I insist, should make him the right and necessary case. By the dance of platforms and other matter more evident if possible: «20 exclusive and console debuts’ appearing in the video equivalent of 2016, eight remain on sale.

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