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Published the Kojima Productions intro


All are waiting for the arrival of Death Stranding, the new bet of Hideo Kojima and that still not is in development, but whose dark trailer left to all them assistants and spectators of the last E3 with the heart shrunken by the surprise, the fear, the intrigue and the pleasure personal of see a title of the acclaimed director, again, in Playstation 4.

As you know, after the split with the former company, Hideo Kojima and his Studio, Kojima Productions, they have opted to stay in the independent field. His first move will be exclusively for the big Sony console.

In the Comic-with, held in San Diego during the weekend, Hideo Kojima presented a new video. Unfortunately, not is is of a trailer related with Death Stranding, but yes the video that will find in each game of the study Japanese, used as intro to present to the company.

Ludens is the character that appears in this little intro, based on the book Homo Ludens, meaning we could besiege in ‘The man who plays’. This expression, as also noted Kojima, establishes a parallel between video games and our development as human beings.

Death Stranding launch scheduled for 2018.

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