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Returns the draw for Patrons

Vuelve el sorteo para Patrons

After a first quarter absolutely insane in terms of releases of important games, and after a Christmas lottery in which we throw the House out the window in an almost reckless way, today we finally return to the healthy habit of giving away stuff to those who we offer your generous contributions through Patreon.

And bring this matter to the current monthly us is costing more than expected, at least we’re going to make sure that when we make the Raffles is with awards that they are really worth the penalty. Other years have pulled what we were by the wording, but this month I think it is us to forget about the quantity and focus on quality in how to play them. With the rest of gifts, most exclusive and some sentimental value, have given to send them to the other end: they have always been for Patrons of gold but today we that the rest may also have chances to win them, that distributed a little the only important wealth: love.

Bronze patrons:

Vuelve el sorteo para Patrons

1 x book Mini month

Soon we put on sale to the general public the first book edited by AnaitGames, the Mini month, an ideal complement to the Mini NES. Here we give you free one, if you want to boast meanwhile.

Vuelve el sorteo para Patrons

5 x key AnaitGames

Still remain key chains! The magic of 3D printing has made it possible for the manufacture of this physical achievement, this social medallita, this distinctive videojuerguista that surely will give you moments of comforting complicity with unknown absolutes.

Silver patrons:

Vuelve el sorteo para Patrons

Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4)

I’ve spent it pump embodying Aloy and deconstructing robotic bicharracos hit arrow, and in fact still I am engaged in the endgame of Horizon Zero Dawn because it has a lot of goodies for the completist all of us.

Vuelve el sorteo para Patrons

NieR: automaton (PS4)

Less these three cucumbers cucumber, but Nier: Automat is a great game and is Platinum, so by the standards of AnaitGames it is as if you regal√°semos a literal piece of our hearts still beating. What else you want from us!

[Note: is a Chinese edition of the game, but it comes with subtitles in Spanish and Japanese/English audio]

Gold patrons:

Vuelve el sorteo para Patrons

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Wii U)

Two weeks ago we published the analysis of the Breath of the Wild and still we have not got Victor to separate this magnificent adventure. We have in fact tried to steal their copy to sort it and to recover once his life, but the guy takes the disk up to the bathroom. I know, I know it; don’t ask.

Rules of participation

Remember how the subject and to what draws you have right according to your contribution Patreon:

Bronze patrons (from $2): draw bronze
Silver patrons (from $10): draw bronze + silver
Gold patrons (from $20): draw bronze + Silver + Gold

As you can see, there is more likely the bigger contribution, not just because you participate in more draws, but because there is usually less Patrons how much higher is the rank. All drawings will be automated, you will not have to do anything to participate; us we will contact the winners and if in one week, we have not received a response we will repeat the draw.

Any questions that you may have, you can ask us here itself, in the comments or by email at [email protected].

Good luck to all!

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