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Special encouraged Gate of Memories: the universe Anima


Soul Memories of Gate boasts one of the most private universes of the fantasy world. The world of Anima is complex and is almost impossible to follow except for those in love with the same. This is mainly due to the multiple ramifications and formats in which the plot unfolds. We have a universe that includes multiple formats in which can enjoy thereof, such as the role-playing games, the letters, the thumbnails and as not, video games.

A formula developed by a Spanish team that has managed to Captivate with its particular style and aesthetics to players from around the world and which have become encouraged one of the most internationally fantasy universes. A world that blends mystical elements and secret societies, imbued with an appearance of Renaissance Court which in turn incorporates touches of fantasy and a marked Eastern component. An ambitious project that crystallized in 2005 with the publication of role-playing game Anima: Beyond Fantasy, from which has been expanding overwhelmingly.


Precisely this role-playing game has many expansions and extensions through which the complex plot of the game develops. In Anima Gate of Memories we explored part of this universe and while it is not necessary to know in order to enjoy the game, the truth is that you can enjoy much more if you have a prior knowledge of the same. It should be noted that this is not the first game that encourages jumps into video games, since 2011 the jump gave to this format with Anima Ark of Sinners for Wii, a title of platforms and adventures with a pretty mediocre reception. A great example as evidence that after a bad start always is possible to recover.

However, video games are for the moment an accessory product in what refers to the world of Anima. The other two pillars of this universe are the card game and miniatures. Each of them offers a different approach. Anima: Tactics offers a skirmish with few miniatures game that uses an original system that combines skills and letters, that move away it from the typical wargames in which the unique interactions are done with dice. It should be noted that the aesthetics of the miniatures captures perfectly the essence of this universe and its quality is pretty good.


The last of these formats is that corresponding to the card game consisting of a core and two expansions that are autojugables, although they can be used together. It’s a closed game where he must form a group of heroes who face other players overcoming various challenges.

These are some of the elements that make up the universe of Anima, although we have a world that is in continuous growth and expansion. Anima Gate of Memories was the last of them, although it is likely that a future we have more news on this particular and original fantasy world.

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