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Stardew Valley already speaks in Spanish


Stardew Valley became its own right one of the revelation of the 2016 games. A game inspired by the classic Harvest Moon released on PC , making it one of the few titles of these features of this platform. One of the requests that more insistently asked the followers of this game was translation into Spanish, something that has finally come to Stardew Valley.

Patch 1.2 to Stardew Valley has focused its content on offer official translations into different languages, and the Spanish is one of them, as we have mentioned. While this title did not have a level of English especially high, thanks to this translation a greater number of people can enjoy Stardew Valley and let yourself be carried away by “magic” style of play.

Together with the translations, the 1.2 patch has introduced some minor corrections, but equally useful for a better gaming experience. In regards to content playable, this update not has incorporated them, so you have to wait for new patches so that novelty is included in this sense.

In regards to the multiplayer version of Stardew Valley, it seems that we still have to wait for that modality is a reality. By the time PC users can enjoy it thanks to a mod, although the official version of the multiplayer is still under development and should be coming to Stardew Valley in the relatively near future.

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