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Sundered, an adventure of horror and action


Sundered is a new adventure of platforms in 2D that promises to immerse us in the horror and the madness more deep.

On this occasion, we will manage to Eshe, a Tramp in a world in ruins, trapped in everlasting Caverns filled with supernatural horrors. Will have to take advantage of the power of them relics corrupt for defeat to the gigantic heads to coast of our humanity.

Among its most outstanding features are the stripped-down style of drawing, the massive battles against bosses, fighting against hordes of enemiesand the skills with which we will have and a considerable variety of alternative endings to them that they can choose at the end of the adventure.

Videogame style is generally located near the Metroidvania, with light touches of the genre of horror. It will be a solo adventure for which we should expect still until 2017. However, upon arrival, we will have the opportunity to enjoy it on Windows, Mac, Linux and Playstation 4.

Many expect the launch of a version for PSVita, given the portability of this video game, but is unknown still if is has arrived to consider for the small of Sony. In any case, time is still to see land Sundered.

Via | Thunder Lotus Games

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