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Resident Evil 7 has an approximate duration of 15 hours


Resident Evil 7 has already on sale in our country, so that different media have also issued the corresponding notes. It seems that the game has been quite successful. Capcom has launched a completely different idea to which we were accustomed, something that’s been sitting well users and own sales. …

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Resident Evil 7, the game more difficult in the saga


After all the rumors and materials used, it is normal that Resident Evil 7 is one of the most anticipated games of the franchise. Not in vain, it implies a radical change in the ideas that were handled in the series, including the change in how we play the game. …

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MegaMan will return to the West


Every few months, we see as the most popular companies in the world of video games will plunge, little by little, on phones iOS and Android. In addition to the usual with desktop consoles and portable activities, there are many releases that are advertised as exclusive mobile. If you have …

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Gameplays and impressions of Resident Evil 7


Some media have been able to play Resident Evil 7 for about 4 or 5 hours. The result has been published in the form of small gameplays that I will put below and impressions in video or written on different channels of each medium. Advance that the first impressions are …

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Marvel vs. Capcom 4 could be a reality


For issue of licenses it seemed complicated to a new Marvel vs. Capcom might be in development and in fact, since the Capsule Corp. they had denied that the product was in development, but Polygon has confirmed its existence from different sources. So real that it would be presented at …

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Content of the Resident Evil 7 collector’s Edition


Resident Evil 7 details the contents of your collector’s Edition. Edition now available for your reservation and that includes material that surely will leave satisfied supporters of terror of Capcom license. Edition Resident Evil 7 collector to detail: Replica of the highly detailed about 18 centimeters Baker family Mansion. Art …

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Resident Evil 7 presents their classical mechanics


Capcom is releasing small videos that display various facets of Resident Evil 7. Some of these marks is linked with aspects classic of them games as the system of engraving limited to certain areas, the trunk for save objects or the cure through the plants green typical in Resident Evil.Of …

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