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The Elder Scrolls Online: play for free this week


This week The Elder Scrolls Online (TESO) discusses an interesting promotion that will allow play for free to all those interested in trying this MMROPG. Delving into Tamriel is already possible and until day 18 we can explore it freely in search of adventure and be able to check first-hand if the particular gameplay Teso engages us.

This is due to the upcoming launch of the first great expansion to The Elder Scrolls Online and including the mythical island of Vvanderfell. In this way, the players who so wish can check the virtues of this MMORPG. In addition, to encourage that everyone try this title during this promotion, Bethesda and Zenimax have prepared some additional incentives.


One of the main attractions of drop by The Elder Scrolls Online, even though we already have the game, is the possibility of obtaining 500 free crowns. It’s the currency of the game to make micro transactions and although it may seem is not much, Yes is an incentive to acquire an item in particular that you especially like. In addition, this week the basic game like the version with the DLC are reduced.

Last, but not least, any progress we make during this week in The Elder Scrolls Online will remain saved in your account. This way, all the progress that we have achieved, as well as anything bought with real money or crowns will be linked to our account. Therefore, if in the future we give a chance to TESO, we continue our adventure from the same point where we left it.

Source | Bethesda

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