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Alex Hutchinson leaves Ubisoft to mount his own Studio

Alex Hutchinson deja Ubisoft para montar su propio estudio

Alex Hutchinson, director of games like Assassin completo Creed III or Far Cry 4, It has left Ubisoft after seven years to assemble Typhoon Studios, his own company.

Not much is known about this new study, more than that in the adventure of taking Hutchinson has partnered with Reid Schneider, producer of, among others, the first Splinter Cell or Army of Two. At the moment, your website is simple incredibly, and is mainly focused on attracting employees; wanted people to technical art and scenarios and gameplayprogramming.

Prior to the French company, Hutchinson was lead designer of the Sims 2, and Spore, Electronic Arts. He became creative director at EA Montreal before moving to Ubisoft in 2010.

Hutchinson has been proud of its passage by Ubisoft and acknowledged having wanted to do something new and own. “Probably does not have much to announce in the near future», recognized on Twitter,”while we hire, we create our study, we bought a coffee machine and assemble Ikea furniture, but we are working hard to imagine a whole new world”.

One of the interviews that most are reminded to Hutchinson, however, is much less friendly than that starting point optimistic that, with good reason, seems to have been marked for his new project. When published Assassin completo Creed III, Hutchinson saw triple A, great overproduction with millions of euros of budget and various development teams through backing the rights of workers in different parts of the planet, as a format in extinction.

“We are the last of the dinosaurs. We are still that triple A monstrous with very large teams and multiple studies in different things. There is less and less of these games being made, especially since the medium have disappeared,”he said in Edge.

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